Summer 2019 Concert Photos

We had a great time with our new microphone setup, and the audience seemed to enjoy our new selections.

2018 Concert Photos


2017 Concert Photos

2017 Concert at Baycon

Redshift was invited to sing at Baycon in 2017, as Stephen’s wife was one of the Guests of Honor.

Group 2015 – 1

Redshift – June 2015 Concert photos

The concert held at the Paly Media Arts Center was a great success, with nearly 100 people attending.  A good mix of new and old songs kept the crowd entertained.  Alumni Grant Hughes and John Pilot joined the group on stage for one song, and Grant came back for the encore since it was a song his grandfather wrote. Stay tuned for the next event.

US Navy Foundation, 9/29/2012

US Navy Foundation fundraiser, 9/29/2012

Anne & Eric’s wedding, 4/20/2013

Fraser & Eric’s wedding, 9/20/2014